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Santa Rosa (Light Roast)

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High grown, roasted light to allow it’s mild fruity brightness to shine through. Micro-Batch roasted to order, ensuring freshness.

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1 review for Santa Rosa (Light Roast)

  1. Sarah West (verified owner)

    I am currently working and in school. Safe to say, coffee is a big part of my day. It has been a pleasure waking up in the morning to the smell of my “Santa Rosa (Light Roast)” coffee. It smells AMAZING and tastes even better, especially in my Legacy of Hope travel mug(;
    With the pandemic limiting travel, it has been such a gift to still get a taste of Honduras at home. My aunt and uncle are coffee drinkers as well. I bought the bag and in two weeks we have already gone through it. So good! 10/10 recommend. Definitely plan on purchasing more!

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