Specialty Santa Rosa Light Roast


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Santa Rosa

Light Roast

Whole Bean

Ceramic Travel Mug


Lil' Scoop of Hope

Scoop up your Legacy of Hope Coffee with our stainless steel coffee scoop. Clips to your coffee bag to conveniently scoop, seal & store.

Psalm 82:3 || Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

$8.23 is the price of the Lil' Scoop of Hope to pay homage to our mission to provide a safe and loving family for every child.

Legacy of Hope

100% to Changing Lives Orphan Care Programs Family Based Programs

Legacy of Hope

100% to Changing Lives Orphan Care Family Based Care

The Santa Rosa Green Bean




Strictly High Grown


M.A.S.L Altitude

Resins, Dried Fruit & Caramel

Tasting Notes

Santa Rosa, Copán

Home to some of the most renowned coffee in the world due to it’s rich soil, but also the home of Legacy of Hope Foundation. 

From our homes we are surrounded by breath taking mountainous views. These mountains allow for great conditions for growing specialty coffee. 

Historically important to Honduras Santa Rosa is known for cobblestone roads and neoclassical architecture. The Center Plaza of town is a historic monument to Honduras and where the Cathedral of Santa Rosa is found (Featured on our Bag). 


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