Specialty Estrella Lenca Medium Roast


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Estrella Lenca

Medium Roast

Whole Bean

Ceramic Travel Mug

Legacy of Hope

100% to Changing Lives Orphan Care Programs Family Based Programs

Legacy of Hope

100% to Changing Lives Orphan Care Family Based Care

The Estrella Lenca Green Bean




Strictly High Grown


M.A.S.L Altitude

Carmel, Chocolate & Citrus

Tasting Notes

Gracias, Lempira 

Our Estrella Lenca Beans originates from a small town only a few miles outside of Gracias called La Campa.
Home to the largest group of Mesoamerican indigenous people in Honduras known as “The Lenca.” Known for their expertise in cultivating coffee and for their pottery. 
Also, located in this rich area of coffee is the fort of San Cristóbal which is depicted on our Estrella Lenca Bag. 



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