Our Story

Premium Coffee. Real Social Impact.

It’s not hard to find a good cup of coffee.  There are also a million ways you can donate your time and hard-earned money to make an impact in the world.  But what if you could be an agent for change, just by brewing a cup of premium coffee?

All proceeds from Legacy of Hope’s collection of single origin coffees fund our holistic programs for orphaned and vulnerable children in Western Honduras.  All of our coffees come directly from plantations in the area we serve.  So go ahead and enjoy some of the best hidden gem coffee you’ve tasted, and feel great about the difference you made in the process.

What We Do

Family Preservation

We believe family preservation is the first line of defense in combating the orphan crisis. After identification of a struggling family through community channels such as local churches, we are able to create a service plan for the family with specific goals.

Crisis Care

Our Crisis Care Center is a unique, family-based type of home that receives children for short periods of time until child services can relocate them to a safe environment.

Transition Care

The Transition House is a home for children with special cases waiting on foster and adoptive families, or a permanent home to become available. Special cases can include, sibling groups, teenage mothers, severe malnourishment, special needs, newborns, and longer term placements.

Foster Care

Legacy of Hope Foundation’s foster care model places us in the role of a foster care agency.

While it is the role of DINAF (Honduran child services division) to place children in homes, we provide the resources to identify, educate and support these families.

Impact by the Numbers:

Children per year in crisis care
families assisted
children in foster care
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