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About Our Coffee

Every cup brewed pours back into our holistic orphan care programs. A safe & loving family for every child.

Each coffee Is strictly high grown, graded as a premium coffee and are grown in the communities our family based orphan care programs serve.

Customer Testimonials

What is everyone saying? 

"The Estrella Lenca blend is smooth and a definite crowd pleaser. It’s great for early mornings at the office or the after dinner cup. Definitely a great choice! I bought mine for my office"
-Heather Landis
"I really enjoy this coffee. It is bold, but not too bold. It’s great black or with cream and sugar. I highly recommend San Marcos and really all of the coffee they have here at Legacy Of Hope. I haven’t tried some that I don’t like yet."
-Ryan Simpson
"My husband and I love this coffee. It really is exceptionally good coffee! We have started giving it as gifts, so others can enjoy it as much as we do."

-December Hall

Premium Honduran Coffee

San MArcos (Dark Roast)

Strictly high grown, roasted dark to remove almost all brightness and provide an incredibly smooth finish. Our San Marcos roast comes from San Marcos, Ocotepeque. Our San Marcos Bag features the San Marco cathedral found in the center of town.

Estrella Lenca (Medium Roast)

Strictly high grown, roasted medium to preserve the sweetness of the honey process. Our Estrella Lenca Roast comes from Gracias, Lempira. Featured on our Estrella Lenca bag is the fort San Cristobal that overlooks Gracias.

Santa Rosa (Light Roast)

High grown, roasted light to allow it’s mild fruity brightness to shine through. Our Santa Rosa roast comes from our very own community of Santa Rosa de Copan . Featured on our Santa Rosa bag is the Saint Rose Cathedral found in the center of town. All Three regions highlighted on our bags are directly benefited by our programs.


Our decaf roast is also from the department of Copan and is the best decaf Honduras has to offer.

Change Your Mornings, while Changing Lives

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