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Changing Lives With Coffee
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Every Cup of Legacy of Hope Coffee Brewed Is Changing Lives. Healing trauma. Restoring Hope. Giving Back.

We believe coffee can change lives. We have seen it first hand through our family-based orphan care programs. As we drink our morning Legacy of Hope coffee, we can enjoy it a little more, knowing it’s much more than coffee. It’s baby formula, wipes, diapers, food, a family environment, and a chance for a child to heal and overcome their circumstances.  

Specialty Single Origin Honduran Coffee

What is Specialty Coffee and how are we using it to change lives?

Any coffee that receives a grade one green bean score and cupping score of 80+ is considered a specialty Coffee. When you buy Legacy of Hope Coffee your not only receiving the best coffee Honduras has to offer but also 100% of your sale is going to changing the lives of vulnerable children.

San MArcos (Dark Roast)

Strictly high grown, roasted dark to remove almost all brightness and provide an incredibly smooth finish. Our San Marcos roast comes from San Marcos, Ocotepeque. Our San Marcos Bag features the San Marcos cathedral located in the center of town.

Estrella Lenca (Medium Roast)

Strictly high grown, roasted medium to preserve the sweetness of the honey process. Our Estrella Lenca Roast comes from Gracias, Lempira. Featured on our Estrella Lenca bag is the fort San Cristobal that overlooks Gracias.

Santa Rosa (Light Roast)

High grown, roasted light to allow it’s mild fruity brightness to shine through. Our Santa Rosa roast comes from our very own community of Santa Rosa de Copan. Featured on our Santa Rosa bag is the Saint Rose Cathedral found in the center of town. All Three regions highlighted on our bags are directly benefited by our programs.


Our decaf roast is also from the department of Copan and is the best decaf Honduras has to offer.

Our Orphan Care Programs

All our programs are rooted in family based practices as opposed to institutional care. It is through the love and attention of a family that healing over past trauma occurs.   

Crisis Care

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Our Crisis Care Center is a unique, family-based type of home that receives children for short periods of time until child services can relocate them to a safe environment.

The typical crisis care cases we receive are related to abuse, neglect, or immigration. While in our care each child works with our on staff psychologists to work through their trauma and have the opportunity to continue their education with a certified teacher.

Foster Care

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Legacy of Hope Foundation’s foster care model places us in the role of a foster care agency. While it is the role of DINAF (Honduran child services division) to place children in homes, we provide the resources to identify, educate and support these families.

The goal is to provide stability and permanency for the children in our care, often for the first time in their lives. The opportunity to create an attachment with a primary caregiver sets them on the path for healthy brain development and success in forming future healthy relationships.

Family Preservation

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Legacy of Hope Foundation believes family preservation is the first line of defense in combating the orphan crisis. After identification of a struggling family through community channels such as local churches, we are able to create a service plan for the family with specific goals.

In this way, we walk alongside a family helping to provide basic needs depending on their individual service plan.

Transition Care

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The Transition House is a home for children with special cases waiting on foster and adoptive families, or a permanent home to become available. Special cases can include, sibling groups, teenage mothers, severe malnourishment, special needs, newborns, and longer term placements.

Legacy of Hope is one of the only crisis care centers that are equipped with this type of home. Our children will remain with us until there is no longer a need, or until a more permanent home is identified. That could be a few weeks, months, and possibly even a few years.

Legacy of Hope Coffee

Enjoy Specialty Coffee, Be Apart of the Story

Legacy of Hope Coffee

Enjoy Specialty Coffee, Be Apart of the Story

Legacy of Hope Coffee

Enjoy Specialty Coffee, Be Apart of the Story

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